Source code for sqlobject.tests.test_sqlbuilder_dbspecific

from __future__ import print_function

from sqlobject import BoolCol, SQLObject
from sqlobject.sqlbuilder import AND, Alias, EXISTS, JOIN, LEFTJOINOn, \
    Select, sqlrepr
from sqlobject.tests.dbtest import setupClass

''' Going to test that complex sqlbuilder constructions are never
    prematurely stringified. A straight-forward approach is to use
    Bools, since postgresql wants special formatting in queries.
    The test is whether a call to sqlrepr(x, 'postgres') includes
    the appropriate bool formatting throughout.

[docs]class SBButton(SQLObject): activated = BoolCol()
[docs]def makeClause(): # It's not a comparison, it's an SQLExpression return SBButton.q.activated == True # noqa
[docs]def makeSelect(): return Select(, clause=makeClause())
[docs]def checkCount(q, c, msg=''): print("STRING:", str(q)) print("POSTGR:", sqlrepr(q, 'postgres')) assert sqlrepr(q, 'postgres').count("'t'") == c and \ sqlrepr(q, 'postgres') != str(q), msg
[docs]def testSimple(): setupClass(SBButton) checkCount(makeClause(), 1) checkCount(makeSelect(), 1)
[docs]def testMiscOps(): setupClass(SBButton) checkCount(AND(makeClause(), makeClause()), 2) checkCount(AND(makeClause(), EXISTS(makeSelect())), 2)
[docs]def testAliased(): setupClass(SBButton) b = Alias(makeSelect(), 'b') checkCount(b, 1) checkCount(Select(, 1) # Table1 & Table2 are treated individually in joins checkCount(JOIN(None, b), 1) checkCount(JOIN(b, SBButton), 1) checkCount(JOIN(SBButton, b), 1) checkCount(LEFTJOINOn(None, b, ==, 1) checkCount(LEFTJOINOn(b, SBButton, ==, 1) checkCount(LEFTJOINOn(SBButton, b, ==, 1)
[docs]def testTablesUsedSResults(): setupClass(SBButton) checkCount(, 1)