sqlobject.wsgi_middleware module

class sqlobject.wsgi_middleware.SQLObjectMiddleware(app, conn, use_transaction, hub)[source]

Bases: object

sqlobject.wsgi_middleware.make_middleware(app, global_conf, database=None, use_transaction=False, hub=None)[source]

WSGI middleware that sets the connection for the request (using the database URI or connection object) and the given hub (or sqlobject.sqlhub if not given).

If use_transaction is true, then the request will be run in a transaction.

Applications can use the keys (which are all no-argument functions):

Returns the connection object
Aborts the transaction. Does not raise an error, but at the end of the request there will be a rollback.
Starts a transaction. First commits (or rolls back if aborted) if this is run in a transaction.
Returns true or false, depending if we are currently in a transaction.