SQLObject 3.2.0 (master)

Minor features

  • Drop table name from VACUUM command in SQLiteConnection: SQLite doesn’t vacuum a single table and SQLite 3.15 uses the supplied name as the name of the attached database to vacuum.
  • Remove driver keyword from RdbhostConnection as it allows one driver rdbhdb.
  • Add driver keyword for FirebirdConnection. Allowed values are ‘fdb’ or ‘kinterbasdb’. Default is to test ‘fdb’ and ‘kinterbasdb’ in that order. pyfirebirdsql is supported but untested.
  • Add driver keyword for MySQLConnection. Allowed value are ‘mysqldb’, ‘connector’, ‘oursql’ and ‘pymysql’. Default is to test for mysqldb only; (connector, oursql and pymysql drivers still cause problems).

Drivers (work in progress)

  • Add support for MySQL Connector (pure python; binary packages are not at PyPI and hence are hard to install and test; most tests are passed, but there are still problems).
  • Add support for oursql MySQL driver (Python 2.6 and 2.7 until oursql fixes python 3 compatibility; most tests are passed, but there are still problems).
  • Add support for PyMySQL - pure python mysql interface; most tests are passed, but there are still problems).
  • Extend support for PyGreSQL driver. There are still some problems.
  • Add support for py-postgresql PostgreSQL driver. There are major problems with the driver.
  • Add support for pg8000 PostgreSQL driver. There are still some problems.
  • Add support for pyfirebirdsql (untested).


  • The docs are now generated with Sphinx.
  • Move docs/LICENSE to the top-level directory so that Github recognizes it.


  • Rename py.test -> pytest in tests and docs.
  • Great Renaming: fix pytest warnings by renaming TestXXX classes to SOTestXXX to prevent pytest to recognize them as test classes.
  • Fix pytest warnings by converting yield tests to plain calls: yield tests were deprecated in pytest.
  • Tests are now run at CIs with python3.5.
  • Tests are split at Circle CI in 4 parallel containers.

SQLObject 3.1.0

Released 16 Aug 2016.


  • Add UuidCol.
  • Add JsonbCol. Only for PostgreSQL. Requires psycopg2 >= 2.5.4 and PostgreSQL >= 9.2.
  • Add JSONCol, a universal json column.
  • For Python >= 3.4 minimal FormEncode version is now 1.3.1.
  • If mxDateTime is in use, convert timedelta (returned by MySQL) to mxDateTime.Time.


  • Developer’s Guide is extended to explain SQLObject architecture and how to create a new column type.
  • Fix URLs that can be found; remove missing links.
  • Rename reStructuredText files from *.txt to *.rst.

Source code


  • Tests are now run at Circle CI.
  • Use pytest-cov for test coverage. Report test coverage via and
  • Install mxDateTime to run date/time tests with it.

SQLObject 3.0.0

Released 1 Jun 2016.


  • Support for Python 2 and Python 3 with one codebase! (Python version >= 3.4 currently required.)

Minor features

  • PyDispatcher (>=2.0.4) was made an external dependency.


  • Source code was made flake8-clean.


Older news

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