SQLObject 0.15.1

Released 22 Mar 2011.

  • A bug was fixed in MSSQLConnection.
  • A minor bug was fixed in sqlbuilder.Union.

SQLObject 0.15.0

Released 6 Dec 2010.

Features & Interface

  • Major API change: all signals are sent with the instance (or the class) as the first parameter. The following signals were changed: RowCreateSignal, RowCreatedSignal, DeleteColumnSignal.
  • Major API change: post-processing functions for all signals are called with the instance as the first parameter. The following signals were changed: RowUpdatedSignal, RowDestroySignal, RowDestroyedSignal.

SQLObject 0.14.2

  • A minor bug was fixed in sqlbuilder.Union.

SQLObject 0.14.1

Released 15 Oct 2010.

SQLObject 0.14.0

Released 10 Oct 2010.

Features & Interface

  • The lists of columns/indices/joins are now sorted according to the order of declaration.
  • validator2 was added to all columns; it is inserted at the beginning of the list of validators, i.e. its from_python() method is called first, to_python() is called last, after all validators in the list.
  • SQLiteConnection’s parameter use_table_info became boolean with default value True; this means the default schema parser is now based on PRAGMA table_info().
  • Major API change: attribute dirty was moved to sqlmeta.

SQLObject 0.13.1

Released 15 Oct 2010.

  • A bug was fixed in a subtle case when a per-instance connection is not passed to validators.

SQLObject 0.13.0

Released 11 Aug 2010.

Features & Interface

  • SQLObject instances that don’t have a per-instance connection can be pickled and unpickled.
  • Validators became stricter: StringCol and UnicodeCol now accept only str, unicode or an instance of a class that implements __unicode__ (but not __str__ because every object has a __str__ method); BoolCol accepts only bool or int or an instance of a class that implements __nonzero__; IntCol accepts int, long or an instance of a class that implements __int__ or __long__; FloatCol accepts float, int, long or an instance of a class that implements __float__, __int__ or __long__.
  • Added a connection class for (commercial Postgres-over-Web service).

Small Features

  • Added TimedeltaCol; currently it’s only implemented on PostgreSQL as an INTERVAL type.
  • Do not pollute the base sqlmeta class to allow Style to set idName. In the case of inherited idName inherited value takes precedence; to allow Style to set idName reset inherited idName to None.
  • Better handling of circular dependencies in sqlobject-admin - do not include the class in the list of other classes.
  • Renamed db_encoding to dbEncoding in UnicodeStringValidator.
  • A new parameter sslmode was added to PostgresConnection.
  • Removed SQLValidator - its attemptConvert was never called because in FormEncode it’s named attempt_convert.

SQLObject 0.12.5

  • backend parameter was renamed to driver. To preserve backward compatibility backend is still recognized and will be recognized for some time.

SQLObject 0.12.4

Released 5 May 2010.

  • Bugs were fixed in calling from_python().
  • A bugfix was ported from SQLObject 0.11.6.

SQLObject 0.12.3

Released 11 Apr 2010.

SQLObject 0.12.2

Released 4 Mar 2010.

SQLObject 0.12.1

Released 8 Jan 2010.

  • Fixed three bugs in PostgresConnection.
  • A number of changes ported from SQLObject 0.11.3.

SQLObject 0.12

Released 20 Oct 2009.

Features & Interface

  • .selectBy(), .deleteBy() and .by*() methods pass all values through .from_python(), not only unicode.
  • The user can choose a DB API driver for SQLite by using a backend parameter in DB URI or SQLiteConnection that can be a comma-separated list of backend names. Possible backends are: pysqlite2 (alias sqlite2), sqlite3, sqlite (alias sqlite1). Default is to test pysqlite2, sqlite3 and sqlite in that order.
  • The user can choose a DB API driver for PostgreSQL by using a backend parameter in DB URI or PostgresConnection that can be a comma-separated list of backend names. Possible backends are: psycopg2, psycopg1, psycopg (tries psycopg2 and psycopg1), pygresql. Default is psycopg. WARNING: API change! PostgresConnection’s parameter usePygresql is now replaced with backend=pygresql.
  • The user can choose a DB API driver for MSSQL by using a backend parameter in DB URI or MSSQLConnection that can be a comma-separated list of backend names. Possible backends are: adodb (alias adodbapi) and pymssql. Default is to test adodbapi and pymssql in that order.
  • alternateMethodName is defined for all unique fields, not only alternateID; this makes SQLObject create .by*() methods for all unique fields.
  • SET client_encoding for PostgreSQL to the value of charset parameter in DB URI or PostgresConnection.
  • TimestampCol() can be instantiated without any defaults, in this case default will be None (good default for TIMESTAMP columns in MySQL).

Small Features

  • Imported DB API drivers are stored as connection instance variables, not in global variables; this allows to use different DB API drivers at the same time; for example, PySQLite2 and sqlite3.
  • Removed all deprecated attributes and functions.
  • Removed the last remained string exceptions.

SQLObject 0.11.6

Released 5 May 2010.

  • A bug was fixed in SQLiteConnection.columnsFromSchema(): pass None as size/precision to DecimalCol; DecimalCol doesn’t allow default values (to force user to pass meaningful values); but columnsFromSchema() doesn’t implement proper parsing of column details.

SQLObject 0.11.5

Released 11 Apr 2010.

  • Fixed a bug in replacing _connection in a case when no previous _connection has been set.

SQLObject 0.11.4

Released 4 Mar 2010.

  • Fixed a bug in inheritance - if creation of the row failed and if the connection is not a transaction and is in autocommit mode - remove parent row(s).
  • Do not set _perConnection flag if get() or _init() is passed the same connection; this is often the case with select().

SQLObject 0.11.3

Released 8 Jan 2010.

  • Fixed a bug in and - if dbEncoding is None suppose it’s ‘ascii’.
  • Fixed a bug in FirebirdConnection.
  • The cache culling algorithm was enhanced to eliminate memory leaks by removing references to dead objects; tested on a website that runs around 4 million requests a day.

SQLObject 0.11.2

Released 30 Sep 2009.

  • Fixed a bug in logging to console - convert unicode to str.
  • Fixed an obscure bug in ConnectionHub triggered by an SQLObject class whose instances can be coerced to boolean False.

SQLObject 0.11.1

Released 20 Sep 2009.

  • Fixed a bug: Sybase tables with identity column fire two identity_inserts.
  • Fixed a bug: q.startswith(), q.contains() and q.endswith() escape (with a backslash) all special characters (backslashes, underscores and percent signs).

SQLObject 0.11.0

Released 12 Aug 2009.

Features & Interface

  • Dropped support for Python 2.3. The minimal version of Python for SQLObject is 2.4 now.
  • Dropped support for PostgreSQL 7.2. The minimal supported version of PostgreSQL is 7.3 now.
  • New magic attribute j similar to q was added that automagically does join with the other table in MultipleJoin or RelatedJoin.
  • SQLObject can now create and drop a database in MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Firebird/Interbase.
  • Added some support for schemas in PostgreSQL.
  • Added DecimalStringCol - similar to DecimalCol but stores data as strings to work around problems in some drivers and type affinity problem in SQLite.
  • Added sqlobject.include.hashcol.HashCol - a column type that automatically hashes anything going into it, and returns out an object that hashes anything being compared to itself. Basically, it’s good for really simple one-way password fields, and it even supports the assignment of None to indicate no password set. By default, it uses the md5 library for hashing, but this can be changed in a HashCol definition.
  • RowDestroyedSignal and RowUpdatedSignal were added.

Minor features

  • Use reversed() in manager/ instead of .__reversed__().
  • Minor change in logging to console - logger no longer stores the output file, it gets the file from module sys every time by name; this means logging will use new sys.stdout (or stderr) in case the user changed them.
  • Changed the order of testing of SQLite modules - look for external PySQLite2 before sqlite3.

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