Source code for sqlobject.sybase.sybaseconnection

from sqlobject.dbconnection import DBAPI
from sqlobject import col

[docs]class SybaseConnection(DBAPI): supportTransactions = False dbName = 'sybase' schemes = [dbName] NumericType = None def __init__(self, db, user, password='', host='localhost', port=None, locking=1, **kw): db = db.strip('/') import Sybase Sybase._ctx.debug = 0 if SybaseConnection.NumericType is None: from Sybase import NumericType SybaseConnection.NumericType = NumericType from sqlobject.converters import registerConverter, IntConverter registerConverter(NumericType, IntConverter) self.module = Sybase self.locking = int(locking) = host self.port = port self.db = db self.user = user self.password = password autoCommit = kw.get('autoCommit') if autoCommit: autoCommit = int(autoCommit) else: autoCommit = None kw['autoCommit'] = autoCommit DBAPI.__init__(self, **kw) @classmethod def _connectionFromParams(cls, user, password, host, port, path, args): return cls(user=user, password=password, host=host or 'localhost', port=port, db=path, **args)
[docs] def insert_id(self, conn): """ Sybase adapter/cursor does not support the insert_id method. """ c = conn.cursor() c.execute('SELECT @@IDENTITY') result = c.fetchone()[0] c.close() return result
[docs] def makeConnection(self): return self.module.connect(, self.user, self.password, database=self.db, auto_commit=self.autoCommit, locking=self.locking)
HAS_IDENTITY = """ SELECT, col.status, FROM syscolumns col JOIN sysobjects obj ON = WHERE = '%s' AND (col.status & 0x80) = 0x80 """ def _hasIdentity(self, conn, table): query = self.HAS_IDENTITY % table c = conn.cursor() c.execute(query) r = c.fetchone() c.close() return r is not None def _queryInsertID(self, conn, soInstance, id, names, values): table = soInstance.sqlmeta.table idName = soInstance.sqlmeta.idName c = conn.cursor() if id is not None: names = [idName] + names values = [id] + values has_identity = self._hasIdentity(conn, table) identity_insert_on = False if has_identity and (id is not None): identity_insert_on = True c.execute('SET IDENTITY_INSERT %s ON' % table) if names and values: q = self._insertSQL(table, names, values) else: q = "INSERT INTO %s DEFAULT VALUES" % table if self.debug: self.printDebug(conn, q, 'QueryIns') c.execute(q) if has_identity and identity_insert_on: c.execute('SET IDENTITY_INSERT %s OFF' % table) c.close() if id is None: id = self.insert_id(conn) if self.debugOutput: self.printDebug(conn, id, 'QueryIns', 'result') return id @classmethod def _queryAddLimitOffset(cls, query, start, end): # XXX Sybase doesn't support OFFSET if end: return "SET ROWCOUNT %i %s SET ROWCOUNT 0" % (end, query) return query
[docs] def createReferenceConstraint(self, soClass, col): return None
[docs] def createColumn(self, soClass, col): return col.sybaseCreateSQL()
[docs] def createIDColumn(self, soClass): key_type = {int: "NUMERIC(18,0)", str: "TEXT"}[soClass.sqlmeta.idType] return '%s %s IDENTITY UNIQUE' % (soClass.sqlmeta.idName, key_type)
[docs] def createIndexSQL(self, soClass, index): return index.sybaseCreateIndexSQL(soClass)
[docs] def joinSQLType(self, join): return 'NUMERIC(18,0) NOT NULL'
SHOW_TABLES = "SELECT name FROM sysobjects WHERE type='U'"
[docs] def tableExists(self, tableName): for (table,) in self.queryAll(self.SHOW_TABLES): if table.lower() == tableName.lower(): return True return False
[docs] def addColumn(self, tableName, column): self.query('ALTER TABLE %s ADD COLUMN %s' % (tableName, column.sybaseCreateSQL()))
[docs] def delColumn(self, sqlmeta, column): self.query( 'ALTER TABLE %s DROP COLUMN %s' % (sqlmeta.table, column.dbName))
[docs] def columnsFromSchema(self, tableName, soClass): colData = self.queryAll(self.SHOW_COLUMNS % tableName) results = [] for field, t, nullAllowed, default in colData: if field == soClass.sqlmeta.idName: continue colClass, kw = self.guessClass(t) kw['name'] = kw['dbName'] = field kw['notNone'] = not nullAllowed kw['default'] = default # @@ skip key... # @@ skip extra... kw['forceDBName'] = True results.append(colClass(**kw)) return results
def _setAutoCommit(self, conn, auto): conn.auto_commit = auto
[docs] def guessClass(self, t): if t.startswith('int'): return col.IntCol, {} elif t.startswith('varchar'): return col.StringCol, {'length': int(t[8:-1])} elif t.startswith('char'): return col.StringCol, {'length': int(t[5:-1]), 'varchar': False} elif t.startswith('datetime'): return col.DateTimeCol, {} else: return col.Col, {}