Source code for sqlobject.tests.test_paste

from __future__ import print_function
import pytest

from sqlobject import sqlhub, SQLObject, StringCol
    from sqlobject.wsgi_middleware import make_middleware
except ImportError:
    pytestmark = pytest.mark.skipif('True')
from .dbtest import getConnection, getConnectionURI, setupClass

[docs]class NameOnly(SQLObject): name = StringCol()
[docs]def makeapp(abort=False, begin=False, fail=False): def app(environ, start_response): NameOnly(name='app1') if fail == 'early': assert 0 start_response('200 OK', [('content-type', 'text/plain')]) if begin: environ['sqlobject.begin']() NameOnly(name='app2') if abort: environ['sqlobject.abort']() if fail: assert 0 return ['ok'] return app
[docs]def makestack(abort=False, begin=False, fail=False, **kw): app = makeapp(abort=abort, begin=begin, fail=fail) app = make_middleware(app, {}, database=getConnectionURI(), **kw) return app
[docs]def runapp(**kw): print('-' * 8) app = makestack(**kw) env = {} def start_response(*args): pass try: list(app(env, start_response)) return True except AssertionError: return False
[docs]def setup(): setupClass(NameOnly) getConnection().query('DELETE FROM name_only') NameOnly._connection = sqlhub
[docs]def names(): names = [ for n in] names.sort() return names
[docs]def test_fail(): setup() assert not runapp(fail=True, use_transaction=True) assert names() == [] setup() assert not runapp(fail=True, use_transaction=False) assert names() == ['app1', 'app2'] setup() assert not runapp(fail=True, begin=True, use_transaction=True) assert names() == ['app1']
[docs]def test_other(): setup() assert runapp(fail=False, begin=True, use_transaction=True) assert names() == ['app1', 'app2'] setup() # @@: Dammit, I can't get these to pass because I can't get the # stupid table to clear itself. setupClass() sucks. When I # fix it I'll take this disabling out: pytest.skip("Oops...") assert names() == [] assert runapp(fail=False, begin=True, abort=True, use_transaction=True) assert names() == ['app1'] setup() assert runapp(use_transaction=True) assert names() == ['app1', 'app2']