Source code for sqlobject.tests.test_reparent_sqlmeta

from sqlobject import SQLObject, StringCol, sqlmeta
from sqlobject.tests.dbtest import setupClass

real_sqlmeta = sqlmeta

[docs]class Reparented1(SQLObject): class sqlmeta: table = 'reparented1' dummy = StringCol()
[docs]class Reparented2(SQLObject): class sqlmeta(object):
[docs] @classmethod def setClass(cls, soClass): # Well, it's pretty hard to call the superclass method # when it's a classmethod and it's not actually your # *current* superclass. Sigh real_sqlmeta.setClass.__func__(cls, soClass) cls.worked = True
dummy = StringCol()
[docs]def test_reparented(): setupClass([Reparented1, Reparented2]) assert Reparented1.sqlmeta.table == 'reparented1' assert issubclass(Reparented1.sqlmeta, real_sqlmeta) assert issubclass(Reparented2.sqlmeta, real_sqlmeta) assert Reparented2.sqlmeta.worked