sqlobject.views module

class sqlobject.views.ViewSQLObject(**kw)[source]

Bases: sqlobject.main.SQLObject

A SQLObject class that derives all it’s values from other SQLObject classes. Columns on subclasses should use SQLBuilder constructs for dbName, and sqlmeta should specify:

  • idName as a SQLBuilder construction
  • clause as SQLBuilder clause for specifying join conditions or other restrictions
  • table as an optional alternate name for the class alias

See test_views.py for simple examples.

j = view_sql_object
q = view_sql_object
class sqlmeta(instance)

Bases: sqlobject.main.sqlmeta

childName = None
columnDefinitions = {}
columnList = []
columns = {}
idName = 'id'
indexDefinitions = []
indexes = []
joinDefinitions = []
joins = []

alias of ViewSQLObject

style = <sqlobject.styles.MixedCaseUnderscoreStyle object>
table = 'view_sql_object'
class sqlobject.views.ViewSQLObjectField(alias, *arg)[source]

Bases: sqlobject.sqlbuilder.SQLObjectField

class sqlobject.views.ViewSQLObjectTable(soClass)[source]

Bases: sqlobject.sqlbuilder.SQLObjectTable


alias of ViewSQLObjectField