a PY2


a const

<sqlobject.sqlbuilder.ConstantSpace instance>

a table

<sqlobject.sqlbuilder.TableSpace instance>

a SQLTrueClause

1 = 1

a func

<sqlobject.sqlbuilder.ConstantSpace instance>

a operatorMap

{'!=': <built-in function ne>,
 '*': <built-in function mul>,
 '+': <built-in function add>,
 '-': <built-in function sub>,
 '/': <built-in function div>,
 '<': <built-in function lt>,
 '<=': <built-in function le>,
 '=': <built-in function eq>,
 '>': <built-in function gt>,
 '>=': <built-in function ge>,
 'IN': <built-in function contains>,
 'IS': <built-in function eq>}

a safeSQLRE

<_sre.SRE_Pattern object>

a __package__



f isAggregate(expr) ...


C ViewSQLObjectField(...) ...

This class contains 32 members.

C ViewSQLObjectTable(...) ...

This class contains 32 members.

C ViewSQLObject(...) ...

A SQLObject class that derives all it's values from other SQLObject classes. Columns on subclasses should use SQLBuilder constructs for dbName, and sqlmeta should specify:

See for simple examples.

This class contains 17 members.

See the source for more information.